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Produced with the highest quality CBD that is fully traceable & backed by credible, lab-tested science!


A herbal tincture infused with a combination of 8 beneficial plant oils in an MCT and alcohol base. Exceptional quality CBD (along with 7 other energy enhancing herbal oils) have been selected in order to help reduce drowsiness, improve energy levels and increase alertness. This formulation has a base of MCT Oil and Alcohol in order to maximise absorption for optimal results. As with all tincture formulations, small quantities of the oils are used over a long period of time in order to effect the best results.


This CBD Oil has been specially formulated to reduce drowsiness and improve energy levels. Extensive research has indicated that taking CBD in lower dosages acts as a stimulant. By supporting the areas in our central nervous system that are responsible for keeping us awake, CBD together with the 7 other energy enhancing herbal oils, improve alertness and energy levels.

Aureum Energy CBD Oil

SKU: 0007
R550,00 Regular Price
R275,00Sale Price
  • Ingredients: 

    Ethanol, Medium-chain triglyceride, Distillate of Cannabidiol, Oils of Thymus vulgaris, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Origanum vulgare, Citrus Bergamia, Cinnamomum zelanicum, Zingibar officinale and Limonene.


    How To Take/Use Aureum Energy CBD Oil:

    • Shake well before use
    • Place 1ml under your tongue for 30 seconds daily, then swallow.
    • When using Aureum Energy CBD Oil for the first time, we highly recommend taking a sip of water first, then adding 1ml to the water in order to dilute the solution. With alcohol being a base ingredient in the tincture, the formula is very strong and may cause a slight sting if not diluted.
    • Not for use for anyone under 18 years of age.
    • Do not take more than the recommended daily dosage.
    • Always take/use exactly as directed. You should check with your health care provider if you are not sure.
    • Do not use this product if you are pregnant or a nursing Mum.
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