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2024 Skincare Goal:


None of our products are or will ever be tested on animals.


All of our products are locally manufactured in Licensed Facilities that implement stringent quality control processes.


All of our products are THC-free & are 100% legal to purchase in South Africa.

Featured Products


Experience Wellness
with a Glow with Every Drop

Our products have been specially designed and selected to enhance individuals' wellbeing and confidence by helping to overcome daily discomforts and vulnerabilities. 


We offer specially formulated CBD oils to help overcome discomforts such as inflammation & muscle pain, anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and lethargy.


We also offer a range of CBD skincare products that rejuvenate and revitalise skin to help overcome various skin conditions. 

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Discover our range of health enhancing CBD Oils.

our night cream reviews

Donna Hayworth

Beautiful silky texture, lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving no residue

Catherine Barrett

It made my skin feel so silky smooth and soft. It really made my skin feel ‘relaxed’ and at ease when I applied it. My skin was still soft in the morning when waking up, even when sleeping with the fan on. It smells incredible. I love that you do not need a lot to apply as it is very nourishing so it lasts long

Dave Watson

Easy to use,

Helped heal my skin of any Acne,

Smells Great

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